You are Smal a lil cutie who's on a mission to set their friends free from jail.


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to look
  • Left Click to talk to your friends 
  • Space



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aww that was adorable! Simple and interesting mechanic with the switching :)

Nice game but the mouse always goes out of the game's viewport and it's really annoying...


Sorry to hear about that. The code is there to lock in the mouse and if not you could try setting the game to full-screen. In all my testing the mouse was fine though. Maybe if you press Escape it can do that I'm not really sure to be honest. 

Thanks, the game starts with the mouse locked in but it unlocks after the first time I press Esc. How do I enter fullscreen? I tried Alt+Enter but it doesn't work...


There should be a full-screen button in the itch player and another one in the unity player. Hope this helps.


Thank you, found it, though the button is really small and semi-transparent, that's why I didn't see it in the first place.


this was cute!