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Inis only shows up as a solid magenta screen for me (on mac). I can hear myself jump though, so I assume it's just the graphics that are broken.

Ahh thanks for letting me know. I previously had this same issue with the Linux version and thought the Mac version was fine. I will fix this soon.

I love this! No goal (for the most part), just exploring a world someone else has created. Very nice. It reminds me of my own weird walking simulators :P

Hey, the manifest is invalid at least in the Linux builds: use forward slashes "/" instead of backslashes "\"

On Windows, if you do use backslashes, make sure they're escaped, e.g. "\\", not just "\". See

ahh thanks for the tip. I think the build got messed up at some point. I can't test Mac or Linux so usually I just have to hope it works. I'll get it fixed asap


Really lovely pack of games. I enjoyed exploring all of those awesome worlds.