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Gradient Fog For Unity

A fog effect that uses a gradient to determine the colour as it fades into the distance, Inspired by the GDC 2015 Art Of Firewatch Talk By Jane Ng with shader code originally based on This Blog Post by Harry Alisavakis this package is free to use for commercial and non commercial projects, though I would appreciate a donation if you find the asset useful.


    1. Import the package into your unity project. 
    2. Drag the GradientFog.cs script onto your main camera, make a material with the Custom>ColouredFog shader and put that into the material field of the script. 
    3. Then you can check the Use Unity Gradient box and modify the gradient in editor, or put a custom gradient ramp image into the material. 
    4. If you are building your project I highly reccommend the Bake Gradient button to save the gradient to your assets folder as an image in unity so it doesn't need to be generated at runtime.


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    looks cool!


    This looks amazing!