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Almost Dreaming but not Sleeping Episode 0:


Sometimes it's as a result of too much caffeine, other times sugar, or thoughts in my mind, but some nights I know I'm not tired. I know I wont fall asleep for another few hours and I find ways to spend my time. From now on I shall create this series of games in such situations.

The idea of this is that it's somewhere dreamy, an image of a place in my head that has occurred because I'm tired enough to almost dream but not to fall asleep.

In ways this game is related to my other game "Mid Winter" and may even exist in the same universe in my mind.

Music and models created by me.

Send me any of your thoughts on this @Bourbonbrick on twitter

I kind of hope this series doesn't continue but at the same time love it's first installment a ridiculous amount.


Install instructions

Download your respective zip file and extract.


Windmill.zip 12 MB
WindmillMac.zip 14 MB
WindmillLinux.zip 14 MB


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when I I tried to run this game its just stop working and an error message come on screen. my OS is windows 32 bit