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Hello and welcome to Boxcorp Employee Training

You are tasked with filling rooms as much as posible with boxes that can be awkward, fragile, and sometimes even a little explosive!

How efficiently can you run out of space?


  • WASD move
  • Mouse Look
  • Left click to interact or drag boxes
  • Make sure you have sound on.

Made with love by Breogan Hackett for Ludum Dare 42 over the course of 72 hours.


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BoxcorpEmployeeTrainingLD42_WIN.zip 16 MB
BoxcorpEmployeeTrainingLD42Mac.zip 18 MB
BoxcorpEmployeeTraining_LD42_Linux.zip 29 MB


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In the web build, for me, on lvl 1, boxes just fall through the floor. If you want, you could set the rigidbody collision detection to continuous dynamic. Should fix the problem. I love the game idea though, if you update it let me know and I'll be sure to play it again :)


Hey thanks for letting me know. I'll get a fix up asap.


*cough* I Got Stuck In The Celling Had To open task Manger Inordor to exit the game becase it wasnt near the exit so i couldnt reach it

You could have broken some boxes to free yourself, but I get your annoyance. Always a challenge  to make a jam entry at all user friendly.


Lots of fun and harder than I thought it'd be. Good luck on winning.


so fun :D *i say while lying under a pile of boxes*