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Great atmosphere, loved the old school design.

the atmosphere! I loved the sounds of the game, peaceful yet eerie, I felt like I was lost a few times but always ended up finding where to go, this is exactly what I was looking for when I searched for atmospheric horror!


Unexpected! Good game!

Loved this game of yours! I'm so glad I included in one of my 3 Scary Games. It was not that scary but I really likes the atmosphere it gave off.


I really recommend this game, amazing athmosphere and sound, and the story itself was also good and hit home which made it feel more special!!


While playing this game I always felt lost yet somehow I knew where to go. It's weird to think that this whole game never really gives you a reason to worry, it's just in our nature...

its funny, i just commented the same thing about being lost but finding the way somehow!


Never gives you a reasons? Never spotted that dark figure in the distance watching you? 

Bleakshore makes up a majority of this video however it is the last game I played in this video. We were just intruiged and couldnt put the game down until we finished it. Very atmospheric we both enjoyed


This was wonderfully atmospheric, the creeping dread, the music filled with anxiety-inducing sounds. This captures the "everyday" aspect of anxiety, just wandering though a situation and telling yourself "it's fine" but not ever really believing it until proven otherwise. Also I love a bleak beach. Also also my husband says "tell them I loved it and it almost made me cry". 

I really enjoyed the vibe the game has presented this is my 10th time playing this game. I made a vidoe on it too

I really enjoyed the feeling of dread while walking around the beach.

Felt calming in a weird way.


This game was great. The type of fear this game made me feel was so different from most games. The fear of looking for a love one while questioning your own concern is such a relatable feeling. As a transwoman, this was amazing representation and would recommend this game to everyone!

I featured this in my video 

The creep grew on me, I won't lie. 

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Pro tips: holding forward and right or left simultaneously allows you to run (face sideways to compensate and move forward); when in doubt, follow the shore line.

It was creepy coming up over a hill and not knowing what was beyond it. This happens in real life too. I got lost a few times, felt like the map was changing (creepy!).

Great atmospheric game, great story concept. Appreciated the inclusion of queer characters, and I liked the ending.


There's just something about wandering around a desolate, foggy slice of countryside that I find oddly comforting. Along with being super creepy and disconcerting, of course.

This game really portrays a sense of panic and loneliness astoundingly well, despite having the feeling that we're not really along in the place we're trekking around in. We feel lost, and at the same time are never far away from familiar sights.

It took me quite a while to drag myself to where I needed to be, but the journey was most definitely worth it.

A surreal and yet ultimately satisfying experience that I think more people should embark on =)


I've had this downloaded for a few weeks now and finally got around to playing it today. Despite its short length, I was absolutely delighted by it. It's not super often that you see trans characters in horror games, much less trans characters in a loving relationship in horror games - so this was a breath of fresh air. 

Lovely atmosphere, excellent sound design as well. I personally found it very hard to get lost, considering the sound leads you into finding the lost items which is great game design.

I look forward to seeing more from you guys! 

Aww this has put a big smile on my face. Being trans myself I wanted to make a game inspired by my personal experiences, I'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

really enjoyed the game :) 

love this game..check out ym vid of it here


Thought something was finna jump on me the whole time

I really ejoyed it!

Love the atmosphere!

One of the most atmospheric game I've ever played... Very well done! :)

the unnerving sands of bleakshore has made it into games of terror! nice story btw didn't totally expect that 

good game

I honestly thought this game was gonna be scary but, i got a good story instead. good game.

here :

i like how this game goes like not throw in stuff at start like it doesnt start with a jump scare thats nice, tho the female she kinda....   short. ok ok uhm, so really well made game not random Bleakshore is like beachshore idk how but yeah nice one!


I just wanna talk, but you keep turning into a tree! My only question is, who does the black figure represent before you reach the end of the game? Even tho this was probably made in a short amount of time, I love how it's story driven and the players not thrown into the mix of randomness. Interesting soundscape as well!

Great work! 


Great game, loved how atmospheric it was.


Hey I really loved this. I really liked how the noise in the soundtrack was actually an indicator of where to go. I love these games where you can keep walking around and wander and yet somehow you get where you're supposed to.

Loved the ending as well, got heavy The Lighthouse vibes. Was that intentional?

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I really enjoyed this game, The ending subverted my expectation by every measure. The whole way through, I was on edge but the ending was a pleasant surprise.

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By the way, I tweeted the video out, and attributed the wrong dev. I apologize sincerely and have made a follow up edit accordingly, unfortunately I couldn't edit the tweet.

Fun little game

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

It was interesting for sure


Thank you for doing so well. It's a wonderful game


This was fantastic. I loved the huge open map. The story is driven by the desire to explore. "Bleak" is a good word to describe the atmosphere, you captured it very nicely.


Absolutely loved this. The music and atmosphere was incredibly well made and the story had me guessing the whole way through. I agree with those who found the walk a bit too slow but overcame it by walking diagonally which is a bit faster :D Otherwise, great game. Well done all those who worked on it!


I wish I could sprint. Loved the open world feel. The ambience was spooky. I loved that I kept guessing til the end.


Hey this really well done love the art direction! Thanks for the experience.

The atmosphere and the sound/music are freakin' awesome! I was on my toes all the time! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers! 

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