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Pros and cons are down below) Check out the game here:


1. The figure in the forest is terrifying. I like that it is so subtle that it takes you time to notice. Very nice feature.

2. I like that you can wander around the island, so it's not simple linear experience but a bit more interesting concept.

3. The sounds were scary! A bit obnoxious at the lighthouse but at the start completely terrifying!


1. The main character is sooo slow. I wish the island would be smaller or Izzy faster. It would take less time to finish the game but would be way more enjoyable on the other hand.

2. The text is very slow. A bit faster maybe?

3. Found a bug when you get stuck at the lighthouse if you walk a bit further at the top (you can see that in the vid)


the game is nice, it creates sense of dread and I like hoe the story turned out. But the game feels raw. Maybe a bit more polish and it would be a strong five star experience. But for now only 4 for me.

Hope my feedback was useful!

I really had a good time playing the game. I got lost so many times, but I found the lighthouse.

The beautiful landscape is a sight to behold; I never expected to feel so isolated in a place of such great beauty. Particularly effective is the presence, never intruding, but instead a reminder that you’re not really alone. Perhaps it’s this presence in such a place of stunning but peaceful scenery that makes the game work so well. I truly enjoyed this. 


I loved the environments and soundscape (especially those absolutely gorgeous shores). The way you laid out the text boxes wasn't an approach I'd seen before, but I thought it worked exceptionally well here. I love to see games with LGBT content, especially when it ends in a similar way to the way this one did.


Had to come and tell you great work on this. Very refreshing and I've never crossed anything like the ending in this!


The ending to this game is a rarity in horror, which is a good thing. I had a blast playing through this, even though in the video I mention that it's my second time playing it, since I wandered up the beach for 10 minutes in my first go round and nothing happened.I'm very happy with this, the games I did today were all strong and this was a high note to end on. 

The text speed is a bit too slow, but it's still a good game.

Very interesting concept. Love the graphic style but the text speed is too slow for me. Anyway great work!

hey i really ejoyed this. I did get a bit confused at the end.

Hey is there any way to change the mouse sensitivity? I'd love to play the game but it's a little too high for my motion sickness.


3 Scary Games? What in the world was I thinking? We take a look at Dia, Chōjirō and Bleakshore today. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? One game usually goes just FINE!

Great atmosphere, but I found the lack of bounds frustrating after ten minutes. Well done, regardless


Absolutely loved this game! Even though it said "It's probably nothing" in the beginning, I still felt a lot of tension. Especially because of the sound design which was really well done! The game also had a very great look and overall matching vibe to it! I love games like these where there is a story (and in this case a very good one!) and you get some information about it immediately in the beginning of the game instead of completely not knowing what is going on. Very well done! Really loved it!


Really really good! I loved it!!

I made a tierlist for a lot of the haunted ps1 games and this game was in it! Please check out my video!


hi, nice game


Very nice job on the atmosphere. I had a feeling you had made perennial, thats a cheeky move adding a feature from that. 


Thanks for making this game. The game had a good pace. I worried that I was going in the wrong direction a few times, but a piece of memorabilia always showed up right when I started to worry. 

Also, that mysterious figure was creepy!



The game does an amazing job creating a creepy atmosphere. Great Job!!

Game looks promising but whats with that text speed? It is really slow and makes hard to dive into text content due iritating speed.


Absolutely loved the direction that this game took. Incredible atmosphere and the overall storyline was great. :)


It had a really great atmosphere! I was on the tip of my toes for the entire ride! One of my favorite entries for the HPS1Jam! ♥

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text is way too slow, graphics are ok, pretty scenery, not sure about the shadowy figure becoming a tree, very confusing on which direction to go, not trying to be harsh, just an opinion.

Thanks for the feedback. It's important to remember that not every game is for everyone. Personally I love slow paced open exploration walking sims like this that don't tell you exactly where to go but I totally see why a lot of people wouldn't.

In the end I'm making the games I want to see in the world and not everyone is going to like them. There's an attitude towards games I often see where people think a game is either objectively good or bad based on whether or not they like it, but in my opinion I don't think this could be further from the truth. Anyway I hope you got some enjoyment out of Bleakshore regardless.

it was ok :)

Interesting little game. Not very deep in the meaning (although...maybe deeper than what meets the eye!) but amazing in its ambiance and with an ending that will probably surprise you ! I am glad I played it and I recommend for its unique expérience if you enjoyed for instance Dear Esther in the same genre.


What a story! So well told, by making the player tell it...

Pourquoi les graphismes sont si pauvres et dégradés. Peut être une option que j'ai ratée ? Que faut il faire dans ce jeu ? Je me suis beaucoup ennuyé.


Je crois que les graphismes sont si rétro avec intention, non? Après tout, c'est un jeu indie.

Un jeu indie ne veut pas dire graphismes rétros. Mais sinon le but du jeu c'est quoi ? Je me suis promené partout et à part cliquer sur des étoiles, il n'y a rien. 

I loved that mechanic with the ghost trees,it gave me goosebumps everytime,the ending was pretty cool aswell.

very nice game 4.9/5

It had a creepy feeling throughout the entire game. I liked that the game was more of a story driven game. Wishing you all the luck in future endivors.

This game had such a creepy feel to it I also really liked the whole reappears into trees thing. I happened to put this in a 3 games video and it was the second game. Good luck on future projects.

Extremely well done game with tons of charm! I LOVE this graphics style! Excellent job! Check out my video I did on it!


I love these kind of games, really enjoyed the hike! :)

I even made a little fan trailer, please feel free to check it out if interested.

Hello! interesting ending, wasn't what I was expecting.

Here's my gameplay! if you subscribe that would be amazing


great game is really entertaining

Really great, you really succeeded in creating the atmosphere you were obviously going for, very tense and oppressive. Don't want to say too much for spoilers, but I really liked the ending. 

Show post...



genuinely scared me! nice work.


Gorgeous. I love it a lot.

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The game kept my interest well enough with the sound effects as well as the story with the mystery of what was going on didn't quite expect the ending xD, also I wish the type writer creating the dialogue would go a bit faster. The white text also makes it really hard to proof read your comment box my play through of this game starts at 6:45 here: 


Thanks for pointing out the issue with the comment box, just fixed it there.

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